Step in a new world of relaxation, feel your stress melts away as you enjoy an ultimate massage experience. With our range of massage, we will customize for you the unique massage treatments that perfectly suite your needs and your mood.

Moroccan Bath

Our Moroccan Bath is based on the traditions of the Ottoman Bath with the unique bathing rituals. The Moroccan Bath we provide is distinguished by the ingredients used, special rituals, and the modern technologies used in the bath. Starting with the automated dispersion of aromatic steam which stimulates blood circulation, and along with the heat becomes effective in cleaning and purifying and body when sweating. The scrubbing with Fiber afterward removes all dead skin and prepares the body to receive the nutrients it needs. The Rinse the applied to enrich the body and at the time helps eliminating all toxins and odour from the body. The washing with cool water afterward further stimulates blood circulation and refreshes the body. Finally resting at our rest area with our special drinks will help restore the lost water. Different bath treatments are there for different outcomes, and each are designed with special ingredients and steps.

Pedicure & Manicure

Let us take care about whatever upsets you with your hands and feet, above to that lets us give them the treatment they deserve because their health and cleanness is part of your attraction and image.

Signature Facials

Dull Face turns bright, wrinkles shrink away, tired faces treated to shine, and face skin is to be flourished. Our specialists will examine your face thoroughly and will recommend to you the best facial to fit your desires. Because not all in skin types are the same, we provided different facial treatments to meet the needs of all of us.

UV Tan Sessions

Solarium the perfect Tan at Men Station Spa & Saloon, we guarantee you a natural looking bronze tan in our solarium tanning bed. A solarium is a room used for artificial tanning. It is generally equipped with sunbeds and sunlamps. The advantages of using our indoor tanning are: Controlled exposure to UV light which is safer than the natural light of the sun. Helps fight acne, giving you clearer skin It doesn’t cause burns that arise from natural tanning. Our state of the art skin analyser, The Easy-care, controls the strength of the light depending on your skin’s melanin level it increases blood circulation (Applicable only for stand-up machines with vibraNano plates) For just a few minutes per session, you can achieve beautiful evenly-tanned skin instead of getting over-exposed to the sun’s harmful UV- rays